6-Week Programs

This is perfect for those who don't want a long commitment and just want to dip their toes in the water. We usually offer our 6-week programs twice a year -- once in the Fall semester and once in the Spring semester. Students spend 6 weeks in a class, learn a piece of choreography, and then join in for our recital where they are able to show off what they learned. It's a fun experience and allows students to try out dance (or a different style dependent on what is being offered) without a long-term commitment.

* Subject to availability. Only offered at certain times of the year. 

Semester Programs

This is the program that most of our students sign up for. It is a semester-long commitment where your child gets to focus on the style of dance you sign them up for. The first part of the semester is spent working on technique while the second half is focused on learning and perfecting a piece of choreography. The beauty of this program is that you can see just how much your child grows in a 4-5 month period and it gives them a long-term goal to work towards.

At the end of the semester your child will be a part of the recital where they are able to perform the dance they have been learning in class. Each class will have it's own costume and unique choreography that they will perform. If, for example, your child is in a ballet class and a tap class they will have two costumes and perform both in a ballet dance and a tap dance.

For your convenience, students signed up for this are automatically reenrolled in the next semester in the same classes they were in. If you would like to modify their schedule then you will need to fill out an Add/Drop form.

Competition Programs

The choice for our serious dancer! We have two different options: the Pre-Competition Team and the Competition Team. This program is a year-long commitment that requires an audition, outside rehearsals, additional performance opportunities, and a chance to perform before other dancers and judges. When you audition for the team you are committing to the entire season, which includes additional costs. Whenever possible we try to attend competition/convention events since it not only gives our dancers an opportunity to perform for others but the convention side allows them to take classes from world-renown choreographers.

At the beginning of the season we vote, as a team, how many events the team would like to attend. We try to find events that are within a four hour drive from Red Bluff. These events are usually held over the entire weekend and sometimes require you to be there the Thursday or Friday night prior depending on each individual event.

This is such an amazing opportunity for our dancers as they are able to experience what other’s their age are doing and are able to see what older dancer’s are accomplishing so that they have inspiration in their own dance practice.

Competition Team is more than just extra classes. It's a commitment.

If you audition and make the competition team (Pre-Competition or Competition) you are required to take a certain number of classes, though we encourage our competition dancers to take all styles as they will be taking classes in every style at convention.

 Dancers perform at multiple events outside of the main studio, most of them locally.

We expect students on our teams to be ambassadors of Flare: kind, helpful, prepared, always willing to do their best with a positive attitude.

Are you or your child interested in this? Talk to a member of staff today to get more information about both the Pre-Competition and Competition Teams!

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