Recital Information

Performance is an integral part of the dance experience. It gives students an opportunity to show what they have been working towards for the past four-five months of class, it lets parents see the growth of their child, and it’s overall a lot of fun! Each class learns a dance for the recital s. For students in the Peewee level and higher they are expected to perform on their own without an older student or teacher as a helper (exceptions always apply!). 

We expect each student to come to class prepared to learn new choreography and to know all the choreography they learned in previous classes. We expect students to practice their dances at home. If students are only practicing their dances in class the one time during the week that class meets then the ability to remember the dance is severely diminished. The goal is that dancers not only know their choreography but can also perform it. Only once students feel confident in all of the steps can they really start add on that performance aspect.

We hold two performances a year, one at the end of November and one at the end of May. Our recitals are usually based around either a theme or storyline to make it a cohesive show. There is one recital fee per student, regardless of how many dances they will be participating in. Each class and style will perform a dance and have their own costume, so keep that in mind when signing up your child for classes. Recital participation is mandatory as it is such a huge component of dance.

We hold a free picture day event before each recital to make sure that all costumes fit our students and to check stage makeup so we can give any pointers before your child actually goes up on stage.

Things to Know

✨ We hold two recitals a year, one in Fall (beginning of December) and one in Spring (mid-May)

✨ Each class has it's own dance and costume

✨ Every child has to wear makeup. This is because not only do stage lights wash out your face, which can make you appear ill, but wearing makeup also accentuates facial features and expressions, which is important so that the audience can see you.

✨ Parents (unless they are volunteers) are not allowed backstage or in the green room during shows and rehearsals. This is for the safety and protection of all of our dancers. 

✨ Tickets need to be purchased for every show -- this is to make sure that you get an amazing experience in the theatre! It keeps the State Theatre running so they can continue to put in all sorts of shows for the community.

✨ All shows are professionally recorded, to sit back and relax cellphone-free!