At Flare we have a strict dress code. This is done for a number of different reasons.

  1. Convenience - you don’t need to go out and try to search at a store or online for something that might work only to find out that it doesn’t fit. We take all of the guess work out for you. We will size your child to ensure the correct fit every time.
  2. Price - dance clothes are EXPENSIVE. We have found items as part of your dress code that are the perfect balance of inexpensive and quality. We do everything to keep our costs down so that this is affordable.
  3. Being a Team - studies show that if you dress like a team, you act like a team. We want everyone to wear the same uniform so that students start to work together from day one in the classroom. 
  4. Double Duty - when appropriate we use the uniform as part of costumes for the performances that we do. A lot of times we will use the purple uniform leotard as part of a costume. Some performances we only use their uniform! This allows us to put together a clean performance and keep costs at a lower level for you.

When coming to class, your child will need to have their hair in a neat bun, uniform and tights clean, dance shoes for the style of the day in their bag, and any other items they might need dependent on their class.

Schedule an appointment today to get sized for your uniform items!

What's Required?

All uniform items must be purchased through Flare. Just like if you were in soccer or cheerleading, you have a very specific uniform. We have done all the hard work and found the best possible dance items at the most affordable cost!

  • For Dance with Me: Nothing! Just come in something to move in! Tights and costume will be required for the show, but class does not have a uniform requirement.
  • For Intro to Dance: Leotard, tights, and ballet shoes. Shorts are optional.
  • For Intro to Tap: Leotard, tights, and tap shoes. Shorts are optional.
  • For Ballet (Peewee, Level 1+): Leotard, shorts, tights, ballet shoes.
  • For Tap (Peewee, Level 1+): Leotard, shorts, tights, tap shoes.
  • For Hip Hop (Peewee, Level 1+): Leotard, shorts, tights, hip hop sneakers.
  • For Jazz (Peewee, Level 1+): Leotard, shorts, tights, jazz shoes.
  • For Lyrical (Peewee, Level 1+): Leotard, shorts, tights, lyrical turners.
  • For Acro (Peewee, Level 1+): Leotard, shorts, tights, yoga mat, yoga blocks. theraband, theraloop.
  • For Dance Tech: Leotard, shorts, tights, yoga mat, yoga blocks, theraband, theraloop, tennis ball.


Uniform Items


Purple uniform leotard with adjustable straps. Rhinestone Flare logo on back. Sizes XSC - XLA 



Black uniform shorts with rhinestone logo on the front. Sizes XSC - XLA



Tan uniform tights. Stirrup style. Sizes SC - XXXLA


Ballet Shoes

Uniform ballet shoes, pink leather. Child version has a single elastic strap, adult version has two crisscrossed and a drawstrings. Sizes 6C - 11A


Tap Shoes

Uniform tap shoes. Mary jane style for the child version, slip tap for the adult version. Sizes 7C - 11A


Hip Hop Shoes

Black high top hip hop shoes. Zip around version and tie version. Sizes 11C - 10A


Jazz Shoes

Uniform jazz shoes, tan leather slip on. Sizes 10.5C - 12.5A


Lyrical Turners

Half-sole lyrical turners with a single back strap. Sizes 1C - 11A


Yoga Mat

Used in acro and dance tech classes.


Yoga Blocks

Used in acro and dance tech classes.



Used in acro and dance tech classes. 10 ft long.



Used in acro and dance tech classes.


Tennis Ball

Used in acro and dance tech classes.


Hair Pieces

Pre-curled hair pieces that attach to a bun. 18 different colors to get the best match.


Bun Kit

Everything needed to make the perfect bun for class. Hair ties, bobby pins, and hair nets.